Klinto Data Systems was established in the year 2006 to cater for the growing demand for quality services in the computer networking and related areas. With experience gained in the market for over ten years, the founders of KDS are confident that they have a clear understanding of the market and can build on relationships developed with stakeholders in the industry to offer even better solutions.

Our Solutions
We offer various quality solutions for clients based on various technologies. Below is an overview of some of the solutions offered to businesses by Klinto Data Systems.

Repair of Computers and Printers
All modern businesses rely on computers and printers for the processing of information necessary for productivity. Such equipment is more often than not business process critical and any break down or degradation in performance is not acceptable. Klinto Data Systems is always at hand to provide repair service of such equipment which mainly comprises computers and printers. We also supply consumables and spares for printers and computers to our clients upon request. Such accessories and consumables will be required due to various reasons. This can be due to normal depletion as in the case of toners for printers, requirement for upgrade as in the case of computer memory and hard disks or replacement when a component goes faulty. Klinto Data Systems provides such accessories and consumables on short notice to ensure that the client’s business is not impacted.

Network Maintenance Support Solutions
We do appreciate that most businesses would like to concentrate on their core business which is more often not related to networking solutions. Klinto Data Systems is happy to enter into network maintenance contracts with such entities to ensure that they are not distracted from increased productivity by network downtime. We are keenly aware that each client is unique and KDS is ready to work with each client to come up with a service level agreement that suits their individual requirements.

Structured Cabling for Local Area Networks (LANs)
We help customers design and implement structured cabling solutions for their local area networks. We use recognized brands for cabling materials including Siemon, BICC and Surlink. For LAN active devices, we mainly offer Cisco, Linksys, D-Link and 3Com.

IP Telephony and VOIP Solutions
Businesses are increasingly beginning to tap on the benefits available from IP telephony especially since the Internet Protocol has gained worldwide acceptance. KDS realizes the crucial importance of IP to businesses and provides design and implementation of IP telephony solutions for businesses. For companies with basic inter branch connectivity who just need basic voice communications between branches without going into full scale IP telephony, VOIP solutions are a great option which brings in great cost savings.
KDS offers various tailor made solutions for such businesses.

Network Management Solutions
The health of computer networks needs to be monitored constantly to ensure that any failures are detected early enough and the necessary remedial action taken before any negative impact is sustained. We provide network management solutions, which provide the following;

Wireless Network Solutions
Wireless is increasingly becoming acknowledged as a versatile alternative to cabled solutions in certain scenarios. Wireless has lower setup costs and it is possible to have a wireless network up and running in a matter of hours as opposed to cabled solutions, which require a number of days to implement. KDS implements wireless solutions based on award winning technologies like Cisco Aironet, LinkSys, and D-Link. Security of wireless networks is very important and KDS places great importance in wireless network security. We are glad to work with our clients on customized wireless solutions
to fit their unique scenarios.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Solutions
All mission critical computer networks need electrical power supply on a 365 days a year 24 hours a day basis. Unfortunately, electrical power supply in this region is very unreliable and utility power failure in the middle of critical processes is not an unusual occurrence. It is thus necessary that all networks have a UPS backup. Therefore, in addition to implementing computer networks, KDS also provides UPS solutions, which are vital to the efficient running of computer networks. We provide UPS solutions based on the recognized brands of MGE and APC.

Wide Area Networking & Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
It has become the practice nowadays for most businesses to have branches located in various parts of Kenya and even the East African region. Most of these businesses need reliable interconnectivity between the various branches. KDS provides reliable solutions for interconnecting such branches while ensuring that data integrity and security are maintained

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